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The Avengers. That’s what we call ourselves; we’re sort of like a team. “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” type thing.

As if anyone could really forget the most quoted line in “The Avengers” — “I’ve got red in my ledger; I’d like to wipe it out” — it helps to have that line fresh in your mind when deconstructing what Widow does in the final act of what’s billed as a Captain America movie. Black Widow doesn’t wipe out the red in her ledger. No, she blasts her ledger out to the world, like it was the grisliest email forward of all time. We know from her heart to heart with Hawkeye that the shame she feels about what she’s done is real, and she hesitates when she realizes that taking down the bad guys means revealing her secrets. But she does it anyway, because she’s not just a spy anymore; she’s a super hero, and she makes a super hero’s sacrifice. (x)




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- Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Natasha Romanoff and Natasha Stark {CLOSED RP} -


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Natasha Stark made her way through the halls of the illustrious S.H.E.I.L.D headquarters, swishing her hips with purpose and confidence, Her heels clicking with authority on the dark marbled floors. 

"H-hey! Miss. Stark!" A young man’s voice called out to the vivacious brunette, trying desperately to get her attention. "Miss. Stark! Do you remember me? It’s Ricky. We met last week-"

"-Of course I remember you Ricky."

Natasha rounded the corner and caught eyes with the man, a small smile touching the corner of her mouth as she entered one of the glass elevators. Of course she remembered Ricky, he was one of the cute S.H.E.I.L.D scientists she met the last time she had visited the spy headquarters. She remembered him being nervous and quiet, but very good with his tongue in other aspects. 

Ricky chased after her at a light jog, boldened by her acknowledgment, “hey! Natasha! Uh wait! Hold the elevator!”

Natasha quirked an eyebrow with a devilish smirk, leading against the side of the elevator as she watched Ricky make his way up the hall. “Oh, I don’t think we’re going the same way hun. Bye~” She cooed, waving goodbye and blowing the man a kiss just as the elevator door closed between them, the lift moving up towards Nick Fury’s office.

Natasha sighed, bemused by her own antics as she waited out the ride, adjusting her shirt and hair every so often. Finally the elevator came to its destination, opening directly into the office of one Nick Fury, the head director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

"You’re late, Miss. Stark"

"Fashionably. As always Nick"

Director Fury sighed, sitting back against his desk as he folded his arms. He shot the woman a look as she walked in, sitting on the chair in front of him, easily making herself at home in the office a man who normally struck fear and respect in men. 

Natasha crossed her legs leaning back in her chair as she looked up at the director, “Oh, I am liking the new jump suit look, Nick. Very Tom Cruise Mission Impossible” 

"Don’t try and flatter me, Stark."

Natasha grinned, pushing her hair behind her ear. “Alright, so why did you call me back to your super secret boy band anyways?”

The Director didn’t answer, he just looked up and behind Natasha Stark as his elevator door opened for the second time.


Natasha Romanoff exhaled slowly, making a small ‘o’ with her mouth as she entered one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s elevators. She was never too fond of them herself, even if they were just a compartment attached to a basic lifting system. Pushing those thoughts aside, she opted for the top floor where she would be greeted by the Director himself; Nick Fury. She hadn’t had much briefing on the situation, having only been instructed to meet with the Director in his office at 9:00 am sharp. She had assumed it was important. With S.H.I.E.L.D. it always was important. 

Natasha rolled back her left sleeve, eyes shifting towards her watch, which read 9:08 am. Eight minutes late for her meeting with Fury. She was never late. Blinking a few times, she glanced again at her watch again just to make sure that her eyes weren’t playing ticks on her. Unfortunately, they weren’t this time. 

She watched as the illuminated floor numbers above the elevator opening went up a digit, ever so slowly. She hadn’t quite realized how much time that damn door-to-door salesman had taken from her. What does it take for someone to understand that “No means no?”. 

"Finally," Nat muttered under her breath as she saw that the lift was just about to stop at her final destination. "about time too." She quickly ran her hand through her hair and prepared to face the music. 

Rolling her sleeve down, she walked out of the opening elevator, her heels clicking against the hard ground with each step until Fury came into sight, sitting and staring directly at her from his desk. At this point she couldn’t tell if his expression was of annoyance, or just his resting face. Or both of course. 

"My sincerest apologies for being late, Sir," She apologized as she stopped before his desk, facing forward. "it won’t happen again."

The Director studied her face.

"Very well; please take a seat, Miss. Romanoff."

Natasha complied, sitting with a slightly arched back with her legs crossed. It was then she made eye contact with a certain Stark, whom had been sitting in a similar fashion opposite her, if not looking a little more comfortable and as if she’d sat in that exact chair many times before. Of all of the people that Fury could have called up at the same time, it just had to be Natasha Stark and herself. Typical. She thought that April Fools’ Day had passed already. 

Had Fury even seen the file she’d made on this woman?


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"Are we really doing this?"
"Are you doing this to upset me?"
"Friends don't look at each other like that."
"Give me a chance."
"I am not doing that."
"I can prove you wrong."
"I can show you the world."
"I did a bad thing."
"I don't want to love you, but I do."
"I missed you."
"I regret last night."
"I think we can pull through."
"I think you need to get in my bed. Now."
"I thought you were gone forever."
"I want you naked. Now."
"I'm a bad person."
"I'm breaking up with you."
"I'm not who you think I am."
"I'm pregnant."
"If you and I were the only two people alive on the planet, I still wouldn't have sex you."
"Marry me?"
"Please, don't do this."
"Stop yelling at me."
"That outfit would look better on my bedroom floor."
"There is no one I hate more than you."
"This is not fair."
"This is not the time nor place."
"We are not getting a pet."
"We can't do this anymore."
"What are you doing?"
"Who do you think you are?"
"Why are you doing this to me?"
"Why aren't you answering my calls?"
"You shouldn't have done that."
"You'll regret this."
"You're being inappropriate."
"You're the one person I actually trust."

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